Ball Gouge 30mm Spherical Shaped Milling Ball

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The Ball Gouge™ is a unique grinder attachment that can rapidly hollow small concave surfaces in woodworking projects. It has a 30mm diameter ball-shaped cutter, that attaches to the Power Carving Unit™ or any standard 100mm (4") or 115mm (4.1/2") angle grinder. It is specifically designed to provide exceptional control, balance and, performance in freehand wood shaping and carving.

Ball Gouge
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The Clever Bits

Anti-Grab Technology

Anti-Grab Technology

No biting in, for a smooth shaping experience.
Rotateable and Replaceable Blade

Rotateable and Replaceable Blade

Unique ring shaped blade that can be rotated and replaced for optimal value.
Multi-Directonal Carving

Multi-Directonal Carving

Unique spherical shaped head that allows carving in multiple directions.

Under Cutting and Hollowing Out

The Ball Gouge™ is ideal for carving smooth hollows in wooden spoons and creating concave features for bowls and other small to medium projects.


Not only is the spherical shape perfect for multi-directional freehand shaping, but it also makes it ideal for achieving a range of different textures. 

Free-Form Shaping

The Ball Gouge™ is ideal for free-form carving in small to medium wood projects. Carve in any direction without compromising on control. Quickly achieve concave surfaces in spoons and small bowls. Hollowing out and undercutting is now easier than ever and finishing off your project with beautiful chiseled textures is a breeze!

Control and Balance

Engineered to provide exceptional control, balance, and performance. It has Anti-Grab Technology which helps prevent the tool from digging, so you have better control over the look and finish of your woodworking project.

    • 1x Ball Gouge™
    • 1x Allen Key
    • Angle Grinders: 115mm (4 ½”) and 125mm (5”)
    • Spindle size:
      EUR & AUS: Suits M14 only
      North America: Suits 5/8” only
    • Rpm: Max. 12,000
  • Please visit the product support page for more information.

    Product Information

Ideas & Projects

Add Texture To A Bowl

Add Texture To A Bowl

Turn scrapwood into a stylish bowl
Carve A Super Simple Egg Holder

Carve A Super Simple Egg Holder

A quick and easy project for the beginner.
Easter Island Head

Easter Island Head

Complete within a few short hours!

Work Best With

Precision Carving System


Contour Sander

Power Carving Unit

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