Give as good as you carve

Give as good as you carve

Giving gifts during the festive season is all about reminding people that we love them. Or just like them a lot…or just taking it slow…wherever you’re at.

While the shops are full to the brim with all sorts of goodies, a homemade gift is a sure fire way to get a smile. And, even if the person doesn’t love the gift, they will love that you made them something and will smile anyway. Even if the handle falls off. You can’t lose. 

Arbortech’s CEO Kevin Inkster is known for his handmade gifts. Christmas would roll around and every year the family knew they were going to get another one of Kevin’s creations! And while it’s a bit of a running joke, you know what? His brother has kept every single thing Kevin has ever made him. And no-one gives you as much grief as your brother, so that’s saying something.

The only limit to the possibilities for gift ideas is your imagination

It’s all about the thought you put into making something you think that person would like. Kristine recently made a gorgeous jarrah and olive wood inlay plate for her friend, and Ben made a salt cellar that was really unique for his wife. 

Financial pressures are affecting so many of us at the moment, so if you don’t already have power carving tools, a little outlay for some basics is a good investment in years of meaningful and thoughtful handmade gifts. And of course, some safety equipment like eye and ear protection (we have some tips for getting started here). 

Christmas Gallery 1

Make a beautiful Butter Board this Christmas!

Christmas Gallery 2

Ben carved this Salt Cellar for a friend, #goodfriend!

Christmas Gallery 3

A platter carved by Kristine, a beautiful centerpiece for Christmas day

Christmas Gallery 4

An easy to carve & thoughtful gift for the grand kids

Christmas Gallery 5

A DIY fruit bowl power carved with love

If you’re starting out and you don’t want to spend a lot of money but happen to own an angle grinder, you can’t go wrong with the TURBOPlane attachment. The possibilities are endless and the TURBOplane is often the first tool power carvers use to start their projects, before progressing to more intricate works using the Ball Gouge or Mini Carver, and it’s great for simple projects like a bowl carved from a single piece of wood.

The only limit to the possibilities for gift ideas is your imagination. But if you’re drawing a blank, we have a huge selection of project inspiration videos from a 5-minute cheeseboard to wall art and even dog toys!

Christmas Gallery 6

The Ball Gouge is perfect for spoon making these holidays

Christmas Gallery 8

Sharing is caring this Christmas with a platter designed for family gatherings

Christmas Gallery 9

A unique bread basket crafted with love!

Christmas Gallery 10

An easy to carve, show piece gift!

It’s a little bit ‘chicken licken’ out there - the sky is falling, plastics are taking over, interest rates are up along with the cost of living - so whatever you can do to save money, save the planet and add a little meaningfulness into Christmas is a good thing.

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