The Power Carving Jigs that Took Social Media by Storm

The Power Carving Jigs that Took Social Media by Storm

We recently released a series of four videos on our social media channels that went viral in the woodworking and DIY community. These clever hack videos exemplify how jigs and fixtures can transform a freehand power carving tool into a precise slab flattener or supersized lathe.

Let's delve into the details of these videos that captivated the online woodworking community:
Arbortech Leveling Jig Hack Thumbnail

Leveling Jig Hack

This Leveling Jig uses the Power Carving Unit and TURBOPlane to flatten a large slab of wood. When faced with the challenge of a piece that was too big to fit through his thicknesser, our co-founder, Kevin Inkster, came up with an easy setup that makes levelling, flattening and planing a slab super easy, without major machinery and at minimal cost. It is especially helpful when the timber is twisted and either won't fit or work with a thicknesser straight away.

Click here to download the PDF plan for your very own Leveling Jig.


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Power Carving Jig - Charcuterie Style Platter

With millions of views, the third video showcases a brilliant technique for achieving symmetrical charcuterie-style boards, platters, and wooden bowls. This clever woodturning hack eliminates the need for large equipment such as a lathe, making it accessible to a wide audience of woodworking enthusiasts.

Whether you're a seasoned woodworker or a beginner, this method offers an exciting way to produce stunning pieces without the complexities of traditional woodturning methods, showcasing the versatility of the Arbortech TURBOPlane.


Arbortech Log Turning Hack Thumbnail

What to do when you have a log that is too large to be turned? This video takes us on an exciting journey of transforming a large Marri log into a piece of log furniture for an in-home bar. Arbortech demonstrates how to custom make a jig, equipped with the Power Carving Unit and TURBOPlane carving disc, to remove bark and create a wood-turned finish efficiently. This method opens doors to various applications, including log cabin building and furniture making. The possibilities are endless!


Arbortech Wood Turning Hack Thumbnail

Woodturning Hack - Shallow Bowl

Another straightforward woodworking technique by Kevin, demonstrates a simple method to powercarve sizeable, symmetrical-style platters and wooden bowls with remarkable ease. This innovative approach uses the Arbortech Power Carving Unit & Mini TURBO along with a cleverly attached pulley and chain mechanism, enabling a smooth pendulum motion that efficiently scoops out wood, resulting in a beautifully contoured concave shape.

In the second part of this ingenious process, the Levelling Jig and the TURBOPlane are affixed to the Power Carving Unit to work on the outer surface, skillfully crafting a convex shape. Together, these two steps form a seamless workflow that allows woodworkers to effortlessly create beautifully smooth platters and bowls with precision and finesse.


The response to our Woodturning Jig Hack Videos has been mind-blowing!

The woodworking community can't get enough of the incredible possibilities these jigs offer. Whether it's transforming logs into stunning furniture pieces or achieving symmetrical perfection in wooden bowls and platters, these jigs have proven to be game-changers. At Arbortech, we're thrilled to be at the forefront of empowering woodworkers with innovative ways to achieve their desired outcomes. If you have discovered any other imaginative applications for Arbortech tools, get in touch, we would be delighted to hear from you.

Stay tuned for more new and innovative jig ideas and plans coming soon!

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