Ryan Cochrane

Ryan Cochrane

The Artist

My Name is Ryan Cochrane, I am a Canadian. I was on the Canadian National Team for Sprint Canoe kayaking for 19 years. I competed in both the 2012 and 2016 Olympic games placing in the finals both times.

I have two wonderful children, a girl soon to be 10 and a boy soon to be 8 and a wonderful fiancée who also competed at two Olympic games.

I have a BSc in Psychology with a minor in Biology, but my true love is wood.

I am now a partner and owner in a furniture importation and manufacturing company, where I am the Director of production, allowing me to work on many, many projects both at home and work.

Ryan Cochrane Gallery 1

Ryan Cochrane, Olympic Sprint Kayaker / Woodworker!

Ryan Cochrane Gallery 2

Ryan carved this pen from walnut, adding a matte black hardware kit

Ryan Cochrane Gallery 3

Curly Walnut Bookmatch Table Top. Live edges prepared with the TURBOPlane.

What impact has power carving had on your art/passion/livelihood?

My love of woodworking started very young. I did a lot of projects with my dad as a child and was always outside in the woods any chance I could get. When I began, we used to use wooden kayaks, and canoes… Still to this day some of the best racing canoes are crafted from wood. Being a kayaker also gave me a unique view of the forest from the lakes and rivers. So when I retired from sport it only made sense to throw myself into the craft full time.

What inspires your creations? 

My creations and inspiration for them come from all around. I try to let the wood speak. I Try to encourage the people around me to do things a bit different like I do myself. I believe this not only allows me to keep creativity flowing but those around me as well.

don’t ever be afraid to make mistakes

What advice would you give to people who are thinking of getting into power carving? 

If I could tell my younger self something it would be very simple. Keep testing, pushing the limits, and don’t ever be afraid to make mistakes, but most importantly always learn from them.

What is your favorite power carving tool and why?

My favorite Arbortech Tool is the by far the TURBOPlane. That beast eats wood for dinner!

If you were a type of wood what would you be and why?

If I was a type of wood I would say wavy maple… I always have made my own way through all my journeys riding my own waves as I go.

Surfs up!

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