Buddha Face Wood Carving

Project Description

If you enjoy relief carving, try out the Arbortech Buddha Face Carving project for yourself! Follow the simple steps below and download the template or watch the short How-To Video Below.


Step 1: Using the template as a guide; trace the outline of the attached face template onto your piece of wood with a carpenters pencil. By Adding your own creativity you can give your face carving a personally all of its own.

Step 2: Use the Mini Grinder to following the traced outline clearing away and shaping your wood to create depth in the face’s main features. The darker sections of the template represent the depth of the carving.

Step 3: Remove the carving disc from the Mini Grinder and fit on a sanding disc. Now the Mini Grinder can sand away any roughness. Gently finish shaping and adjusting the features of your carved face until you are happy with the end result.

Step 4: It’s that simple! When you have completed your shaping we recommend you use a wood sealer to complete your project.

Download: Buddha Face Carving Template




Project Details