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Contour Random Sander

SKU: SAN.FG.210.20
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$89.00 RRP: $89.00
au Australian Made


The Contour Sander™ is a revolutionary attachment for detail sanding deep profiles and countours in woodworking projects, making it the perfect alternative to sanding by hand. Equipped with a flexible backing pad to mold to the shape of your project, this random orbital sander easily attaches to the Power Carving Unit™ or any standard 4" (100mm) or 4 1/2" (115mm) angle grinder with a 5/8" spindle.

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The Clever Bits

Random Orbital Action

Random Orbital Action

No burning, scratching or scarring on your project.
Flexible Backing Pad

Flexible Backing Pad

Molds to the shape of your project to make those intricate curves easy to sand.
Extension Shaft

Extension Shaft

Provides access all those previously hard-to-reach places.

Molds to Complex Contours

The random orbital sanding action combined with patented flexible backing pad will help you create the perfect finish with no risk of scarring, scratching or blemishing the wood.

The 3 1/6" (8cm) shaft provides access into deep hollows that would otherwise be impossible to reach.

No Sandpaper Marks

The random orbital sanding action combined with the patented flexible backing pad creates a perfect finish without scars, scratches, or blemishes. This also preserves the sandpaper, getting more longevity out of each disc.

Deep Internal Shaft

The 3 1/6" (8cm) shaft transforms your standard angle grinder to allow sanding in deep hollows and other previously hard-to-reach places. The 50mm sanding discs make the contour sander perfect for those smaller, more delicate projects.

Smooth Finish Sanding

The random orbital action as well the flexible backing pad make this sander responsive to whatever project you may be working on. Used with the finest grit, it provides a remarkably smooth finish ready for oiling or coating.

    • 1x Random Sander Attachment
    • 1x Backing Pad
    • 1x Allen Key
    • 2x Flange and Screw
    • 3x (per Grit) 80 to 600 Sanding Discs
    • Angle Grinders: 115mm (4 ½”) and 125mm (5”)
    • Spindle size:
      EUR & AUS: Suits M14 only
      North America: Suits 5/8” only
    • Rpm: Max. 12,000
  • Please visit the product support page for more information.


Ideas & Projects

Make A Simple Stylish Bowl

Make A Simple Stylish Bowl

Complete within a few short hours
Powercarved Kitchen Sign

Powercarved Kitchen Sign

Spice up your kitchen with chiseled art.
Textured Table Lamp

Textured Table Lamp

A great project to light up your favourite space at home.

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