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Mini Carver Power Tool 50mm Angle Grinder

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Fitted with the most powerful Arbortech motor yet, the Mini Carver™ is capable of taking users through shaping, sculpting, and sanding stages seamlessly. Featuring a durable Optibelt to deliver more power and torque for faster and smoother carving, the Mini Carver™ is the ideal power tool for wood sculptors and carvers alike who value performance, efficiency, and versatility.

Note: The Mini Carver™ is a specialized power tool exclusively engineered for use with our 50mm carving attachments and sanding discs. It is not compatible with other Arbortech attachments, such as the Ball Gouge™, TURBO Plane™, Contour Sander™ etc. For optimal performance with these attachments, we recommend utilizing them in conjunction with our Power Carving Unit™.

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The Clever Bits

Extension Arm

Extension Arm

Provides access to otherwise hard to reach places.
Interchangeable Head

Interchangeable Head

Transition from carving to sanding with ease.
Dust Extraction

Dust Extraction

Better visibility and less mess for reduced clean up time.

The All-Rounder

Our most versatile tool, the Mini Carver™ comes with a 50mm blade that allows for smooth side-to-side shaping, rapid wood removal and delicate texturing. Additionally, it includes a sanding system with a rubber backing pad that molds to fit the shape of your project.

Dust Control

The Dust Extraction Attachment can be fitted to a vacuum hose during sanding operations, helping to keep your workspace clean and safe.

Fine Shaping and Sanding

The sanding function has been further enhanced with the addition of a flexible rubber backing pad. By using the variable speed option with the sanding system it will allow you to continue to shape gently or take you through the finishing sanding stages.


Better Control and Visibility

The extension arm brings this tool into its own. Designed for 50mm blades and sandpaper discs, you can now sculpt and sand wood in previously hard-to-reach places, with better control and visibility. 

Variable Speed

The 6-speed settings range from 6000 to 18,000 RPM, allowing users to adjust the RPM of the Mini Carver™ to suit a variety of wood carving, sculpting, and sanding needs.

  • Setting 5 and 6 is the ideal speed for high-performance wood carving and sculpting.
  • ​Setting 3 and 4 will allow for aggressive sanding needed for evening-out rough surfaces.
  • Setting 1 and 2 will provide the ideal speed for smooth, finishing sanding without the risk of burning the wood.


    • Mini Carver™
    • Mini Pro™
    • Rubber Backing Pad
    • Heavy Duty Sanding Discs – 80, 180, 320 grit
    • Dust Extraction Attachment
    • Arbortech Carry Bag
    • Range Speed 6,000 rpm - 18,000 rpm @ ext. spindle
    • Max. Blade Dia. 50 mm (2”)
    • Disc Bore 9.5 mm (3/8”)
    • Max. Cutting Depth 10 mm (0.4”)
    • Power Output 8 Amp (960W)
    • Rating AC, 110-120V, 60Hz
    • Tool Weight Approx. 2.2 kgs (4.9 lbs)
  • Please visit the product support page for more information.

    Product Support

Ideas & Projects

Power Carved Ghost Lamp

Power Carved Ghost Lamp

Make a super-ghoul garden lamp.
Power Carved Salad Servers

Power Carved Salad Servers

Complete within a few short hours.
Shou Sugi Ban Carved Mirror Frame

Shou Sugi Ban Carved Mirror Frame

Learn about the Shou Sugi Ban method of preserving wood.

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