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TURBO Shaft 20mm Freehand Power Carving Attachment

SKU: IND.FG.500.20
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$109.00 RRP: $109.00
au Australian Made


The TURBO Shaft™ is ideal for detailed freehand power carving. Designed to perfectly combine efficiency and control, it easily attaches to the Power Carving Unit™ or a standard 4″ (100mm) or 4 1/2″ (115mm) angle grinder with a 5/8" spindle. It is also fitted with replaceable carbide teeth for excellent performance and durability even in the hardest timbers. Perfect for deep and narrow profiles, detailed sculpting, letter work, template work and more, the TURBO Shaft™ is a versatile addition to any woodworker’s arsenal.

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The Clever Bits

Adjustable Depth Gauge

Adjustable Depth Gauge

Set your preferred cutting depth.
Tungsten Carbide Teeth

Tungsten Carbide Teeth

Quality cutting teeth that can be rotated and replaced.
Cutting Edge Design

Cutting Edge Design

No teeth on the periphery, making it ideal for template work.

Deep and Narrow Profiles

With its compact and slim design, the TURBO Shaft™ is the best option in the TURBO Carving Range for those looking to easily achieve deep, narrow cuts.

Hollowing out your project has never been so easy, making the TURBO Shaft™ a truly unique woodworking tool for this specialized task.

Lettering and Template Work

Ideal for signs, text, fluted columns, decorative effects, detailed sculpting, creating recesses, and template work. Use with guides and templates for accuracy. The clever depth gauge collar helps control cutting depth when needed and also acts as a guide for achieving different profiles.

Free Hand Shaping

Perfect for deep and narrow profiles, lettering, template work, and more, the TURBO Shaft™ provides a unique combination of efficiency and control. Equipped with durable tungsten carbide teeth, the TURBO Shaft™ includes an adjustable depth gauge making it easy to quickly set your preferred cutting depth in even the hardest of timbers.

Performance, Safety & Control 

The TURBO Shaft™ is fitted with replaceable carbide teeth for excellent performance and durability even in the hardest wood. Rotate the carbide teeth to extend the cutting life even further.

With SafeBlade technology, the minimal side-exposure of the cutters results in excellent control and safe freehand use, without kickback.

    • TURBO Shaft
    • Depth Gauge
    • Allen Key
    • Torx Key
    • Angle Grinders: 115mm (4 ½”) and 125mm (5”)
    • Spindle size:
      EUR & AUS: Suits M14 only
      North America: Suits 5/8” only
    • Rpm: Max. 12,000
  • Please visit the product support page for more information.


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