Precision Carving System

Precision Carving System

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Getting Started

Getting Started

Kev's Tips and Techniques

Kev's Tips and Techniques

Rotate and Replace The Teeth

Rotate and Replace The Teeth


What does my grinder need to fit the Precision Carving System?

The Precision Carving System 'Universal Base' fits most 115mm M14 / 4.5" 5/8" angle grinders. However, when choosing an angle grinder to suit the blade, you should look for the following features:

An auxiliary handle to ensure easier balance, manage and control. Using the handle when carving not only improves user comfort and visibility but increases user safety. 

  • A metal guard that can be rotated and fixed to 45 degrees 
  • On/Off switch to be positioned on the top or side 
  • 550 Watts power, at a minimum 

Should have a spindle thread of: 

  • M14 (AUS and UK) |  M14 (Europe) | 5/8″ (North America)

The Precision Carving System can be used on a variable speed or cordless grinder, as long as it runs at a speed of 9000 RPM or higher

How do I avoid the Precision Carving System from bouncing?

The Precision Carving System, like all of the Arbortech products, should run smoothly and be easy to control. Applying the correct cutting technique when using the precision Ball Gouge and Precision Barrel cutter will ensure it runs smoothly on even the hardest woods.

Why is the Precision Carving System grabby or bumpy?

Possible cause: The Precision Carving System is not fitted correctly.
Solution: Check that the universal adaptor shaft is fully tightened to the base of the grinder’s spindle. Remove the backing flange before screwing the universal adaptor.

Cutting along the grain will result in the tearing of the wood. Cutting across the grain will result in a smoother cut with minimal tearing.

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