Getting Jacked

Getting Jacked

Woodworker, maker, artist, internet personality and all-round good guy, Paul Jackman, has been on a mission to build and customise a wooden CLC teardrop trailer from scratch. If you follow him on social media, you would have seen the videos that document his process over the last few months.

Paul is power carving a unique storage box for us...

To say we’re a bit excited is an understatement because once Paul has completed the trailer, it will be towed around showcasing Arbortech tools at woodworking shows and expos across America from January 2023. 

In 2009, Paul started his YouTube channel Jackman Works that now entertains almost 400,000 subscribers who tune in for his uniqu e woodwork designs and contagious personality.  

Paul’s passion for woodworking is undeniable, and while he is known for making larger-than-life sized projects out of wood like a giant hammer, giant articulated hands and even a giant pez dispenser, the intricacy, complexity and attention to detail runs through everything he does, making him a true artist


Paul Jackman Gallery 1

It took a 400 page manual and 6 weeks to build

Paul Jackman Gallery 2

Fibreglass, epoxy and more epoxy

Paul Jackman Gallery 3

Filling was done with wood filler = epoxy thickened with wood flour

We have been working with Paul for a long time and he is a genuine fan of Arbortech tools, making all sorts of things, even the famous leg lamp from A Christmas Story using our TURBOplane and Contour Sander!

It makes sense for Paul to be the one to make the wooden teardrop trailer that will become the Arbortech expo mascot and we’re grateful to CLC Boats for providing the customisable kit for the trailer. 

Paul’s deadline is the end of the year and he’s well on his way to completing the project, including power carving a unique storage box for us using Arbortech tools. He recently ran a competition for his Instagram followers to name the camper. The winning name was Contour Covoy, won by Van Stray Designs who will also get their name on the trailer plates and won an Arbortech TURBOPlane and Contour Sander.

For those interested in #customtrailer and #customcamper content, or just to see what this talented, charismatic bearded man is up to, you can follow his progress on his Instagram stories at @jackman_works.

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