Ryan Cochrane Wood Worker

Canadian Olympic kayaker and woodworker, Ryan Cochrane has a bachelor in Psychology, a minor in biology and in our opinion, a Masters in crafting kayaking paddles!

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Michelle Thevenot Artist

Michelle Thevenot

Michelle Thevenot is a self-taught wood sculpture artist from Saskatchewan, Canada. Thevenot has a deep connection to nature and transforms sustainably-sourced logs into one-of-a-kind sculptures for nature-lovers. The carvings often use chainsaws, an arsenal of power carving tools, and hand-brushed accents of paint and stain to bring the carvings alive with eye-catching color, contrast, and detail.


Jason Weymouth Woodworker

Jason Weymouth

Jason Weymouth was born in Bangor, Maine, and holds a Master’s degree in business from Husson University. 13 years ago, after seeing a photograph of his first childhood toolbox received at 4 years old, he decided to try to make a wooden spoon. Since that first spoon he has followed his calling to create some of the most beautiful and functional kitchen spoons that are sold to people around the world.

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Eric Spencley Woodworker

Eric Spencley

Eric started woodworking in high school and developed an instant passion. He then went on to The Ohio State University to pursue an Engineering degree and lost touch with building. Two years after graduating and moving to a new apartment, he realized he needed a dining table.  Being unsatisfied with store bought options, Eric borrowed a miter saw and built his first project since high school. After that first build, he knew I had to bring this passion back.

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Tracey Cheuvront


I grew up in a suburb of Wichita, Kansas, got a degree in biochemistry, and worked in developmental biology research for ten years. I was effectively blindsided by wood in my early 30s. Prior to that I had no experience or even interest in woodworking, and I can recall hating every minute of the required woodshop class in middle school where we were graded on how identical our project was to the teacher’s example.  


Tracey Cheuvront


I was born and raised in Kansas but spent most of my adult life in North Carolina. I was a stay-at-home-mom for a number of years and also taught high school math for a while. I always believed strongly in setting a good example for my kids and demonstrating to them that everyone has creativity and artistic ability.  I didn’t discover woodworking until I got together with my husband, Tracey, but before that I had my own small business selling sewn items like blankets and plush toys for babies and toddlers. I was also an avid quilter during those years.


Jason Weymouth Woodworker

Kevin Inkster

When Kevin is not coming up with new inventions, he is power carving up a storm in his shed creating sculptures, furniture and other fun projects for his family and friends.

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Claes Larsson Artist

Claes Larsson

Claes Larsson is a Swedish woodcraftsman and artist. He is trained in industrial design and traditional woodcrafts and has recently taken steps towards art and sculptural work. In 2018, he became the second person in Swedish history to get a ‘Journeyman’s certificate in traditional woodcrafts’, something he is quite proud of. His next goal is to get a ‘Master Craftsman’s certificate’.

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Jimmy DiResta Maker

Jimmy DiResta

Since I was a little kid in my dad’s shop I have been experimenting with tools and materials. Learning how to use and implement them. Now 40+ years later that’s all I have been doing: Making things and teaching how to make things involving metal, wood, plastic and more.

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Paul Jackman Woodworking

Paul Jackman

Paul Jackman is an artist, woodworker, and internet personality most known for his nearly 400,000 subscriber YouTube channel Jackman Works, and, more recently, his Netflix show Making Fun. 

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Anne Briggs Maker

Anne Briggs

Anne is an artist based in Seattle who travels across the United States to teach woodworking, writes regularly for “Furniture and Cabinetmaking” magazine and is currently authoring a book on bootstrap woodworking and farming.

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Michael Alm Woodworking

Michael Alm

Michael Alm is a Seattle based artist and woodworker. After a number of years working for museums, galleries, and other artists, Alm found the perfect space for building out his dream shop. In 2014 he left his day job and started Alm Fab.

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Carl Jacobson Woodworker

Carl Jacobson

Carl Jacobson enjoys sharing his woodworking and wood turning passion to inspire others. Carl and his wife have a mobile shop traveling the country promoting the craft of woodworking and has weekly how-to-videos on The WoodShop.TV

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Ed Elliott Sculptor Artist

Ed Elliott

He works from his studio in rural Herefordshire (West Midlands, UK) and exhibits widely across the UK and abroad. He has received national acclaim in the UK for his innovative work in wood. With public pieces in six counties he is widely recognised for his ambitious pieces and his striking style.

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Erich Perkins Woodworker

Erich Perkins

Erich started woodworking as a way to relax and be creative. He needed a motivating hobby to distract him from his daily grind. He started out cutting urban trees and making slabs. Then Erich had an epiphany, logs are heavy. So he started a business called Rescued Oregon Timber with two other guys, Rob Hammerly and Scotty Schwartzkoph. They continue to reclaim urban trees but have added power carving, pyrography and table manufacturing. They are associated with the Urban Lumber Network West. Erich is forever evolving and learning more about himself through the crafting of wood and the people associated with it.

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Nick St Amand TC Timberart

Nick St. Amand - TC Timberart

Nick runs TC Timberart, a Veteran owned and operated small business custom woodworking shop. In his former life he was a letter carrier for the USPS. He has done framing and carpentry side jobs for most of his life. Nick started his business just doing freehand carved signs, 4 years ago. Since then he has grown  so much in his woodworking career, grown his skill set, and found a love for power carving. 

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Tim Sway Woodworker

Tim Sway

After a 15+ year career as a recording and performing musician, Tim “retired” from music to make tangible art and wares from reclaimed and sustainable materials - to “Make Worthless Things Priceless.”

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Shane Christensen Wood Sculptor

Shane Christensen

Shane Christensen is a professional sculptor living on the Sunshine Coast, QLD Australia.

Shane calls himself an ‘environmental artist’ which is an interesting combination of his past life working in Conservation and Environmental Protection, and his current direction which is Chainsaw Carving.

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John Malecki Woodworker

John Malecki

I’m John Malecki. Born and raised in the Pittsburgh area, I’ve bled black and gold my whole life. Now I pay homage to the Steel City as a builder in the neighborhood of Braddock, sharing my craft with my clients and you at home.

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Vince Austin Artist

Vince Austin

Originally from the Lake District, England, Vince emigrated to Western Australia in 1994 where Perth has remained his home. An artist, inventor, musician, Vince’s creative genius is nothing short of incredible.

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Andy Buck Sculptor

Andy Buck

Andy Buck is an American sculptor and furniture designer who lives and works in upstate New York. A graduate of the Rhode Island School of Design (MFA 1993) and Virginia Commonwealth University (BA 1987), his work brings together traditional craftsmanship, investigations in form, and richly painted surfaces.

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