Well now, ain't you a site for sore eyes

Well now, ain't you a site for sore eyes

When you get to a certain age, there comes a time when a little sprucing up is in order.

So we’ve gone and done it. After a nip here, a tuck there, a new frock and haircut, the new website has arrived! Thanks for coming to visit us!

Now that you’re here, let us do a twirl and tell you some of our favourite features:

Intuitive Arbortech Website

It’s super intuitive.

There’s nothing worse than a clunky online experience so we thought long and hard about seamlessly guiding you through the process from searching to purchasing in order to improve the overall experience, including faster load times - woo!

Arbortech Website Filtering

Filter it.

While we appreciate your natural beauty, sometimes filters come in handy. When you shop the Arbortech collection, various filters make it easier to find the power tool, attachment or spare part you are looking for.

Arbortech Website Tips

Tools tools tools.

The extensive Tool Resources page leads you to the product pages that don’t just tell you about the tool, we went all out and created educational videos that show you how to use the tool, learn tips and techniques from Kev and we’ve even added a few ‘how-to’s’.

Arbortech Website Inspiration

What he said.

The new site is chock full of inspiration based on what you like, what you’re into, where you’re from, whether there’s snow on the ground or not..! We’ve curated our best projects from throughout the years and packed in interviews with Maker/Artists from all over the world.

Arbortech Website Support

We got you.

We created a brand new Support section. We’re talking warranties, repairs, spare parts, customer service. It’s going to be ok.


We're not finished yet! Keep an eye out for more power carving perks and updates in the coming months.

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