Sustainability and Values

Research and Development

Arbortech’s R&D Team are self-confessed ‘nerds’ who are constantly trying to ‘lift our game’ when it comes to creating truly unique products that aren’t available in the market.

I want the
Arbortech brand
to be synonymous
with quality.

Ben Inkster

Head of Research and Development.

We want to make products that you’ve never seen before, that you intuitively know how to use and that will last. We are genuinely uncomfortable if we don’t believe what we’re doing is honest or original. 

Everyone gets inspiration from somewhere, but it’s a fine line between inspiration and imitation. Every product that we’ve ever designed has been copied somewhere in the world, which is why we obsess over safety and ensure compliance in every tool we develop. 

We’re also exploring opportunities in masonry and concrete cutting with ongoing development of the Allsaw and new concrete-cutting technology. The Allsaw creates little to no dust when compared with a diamond grinder. This is better for the environment, the user and bystander as well as providing clear visibility of what’s being cut ensuring optimal safety. 

Arbortech More Than Woodworking

Beyond Woodworking

Not to show off or anything, but we’re kind of a big deal in the freehand shaping and power carving market. Rumour has it that we invented power carving and coined the term. We’re going with it. 

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Arbortech Ball Gouge Design

If at first you don’t succeed…

Did you know the Wright brothers designed more than 200 different wings and airfold models for their gliders before they developed their flying machine? Or that it took James Dyson five years and 5127 prototypes before he created the DC01, the world’s first bagless vacuum cleaner?

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Arbortech Investing in Technology

Investing in Technology

Not that we’re control freaks or anything, but when we pour so much of ourselves into the products we make, we want to make sure they’re made right. So we’re backing ourselves, and heavily investing in manufacturing technologies so we can maintain that quality control and keep the manufacturing process in Australia wherever we can.

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Arbortech registered tool design

Imitation is the best form of flattery

Since Arbortech makes original designs, imitation is an inevitable part of our success and Arbortech technology has been copied all over the world. Every product we have ever made has been copied somewhere in the world.

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