Investing in Technology

Investing in Technology

Not that we’re control freaks or anything, but when we pour so much of ourselves into the products we make, we want to make sure they’re made right. So we’re backing ourselves, and heavily investing in manufacturing technologies so we can maintain that quality control and keep the manufacturing process in Australia wherever we can. 

It is no accident that this has the added benefit of reducing our carbon footprint since we don’t need to send out to have things made. It also means we can be a bit more innovative because it means we can create in-house prototypes using our own machines with unlimited possibilities.

Recently we bought laser machines and added a state of the art CNC machine for prototyping and manufacturing. We had to re-jig the whole warehouse to accommodate the new machinery and even moved some staff across the road into new offices!. 

Having our own manufacturing machinery in-house has resulted in an upskilling of the R&D team and being able to work the machines to bring their ideas to life has really expanded their creative freedom. They are bursting with ideas and we’re very much looking forward to showing you what they come up with next.


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